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About Us

Preliminary Achievements

HySpell Armenian Spell Checker grew in the midst of my efforts, in pursuing my life-time research of mathematics and physics, and my strong desire to live the rest of my life speaking and writing only in Armenian language. As these efforts evolved into a much larger application, the need to develop a much larger product became eminent with the sole purpose to help Armenian schools and educational institutions in the advancement and usage of Armenian language.

Future Projects

With the introduction of HySpell 1.0 my efforts are just the beginning of a series of software development projects in the direction of the Armenian language. I am currently also working on an Armenian-Armenian and Armenian-English Thesaurus to be integrated inside Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010. At the same time, I am also working on a prolific Armenian-Armenian e-dictionary project code-named “Malkhasiantz”. All my efforts are dedicated to vehemently spread the practical usage of the Classical (Mesrobian) Orthography, as well as, to preserve all the traditional Armenian dialects.