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Armenian Spell-Checker
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Features Highlight

  • Lexicon-base 158,000 words
  • Inflections 300 rules
  • Both Orthographies
  • Standard Word-Suggestion
  • Fast Processing
  • Add New Word Functionality
  • Integrated in Mozilla Suite
  • FireFox browser Integration
  • OpenOffice Integration
  • Spellchecks Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and more

System Requirements

  • Multi-platform
  • FireFox browser
  • Mozilla compatibe Application

Armenian Spell-checker 2.4 for FireFox and OpenOffice

HySpell for Mozilla

Price: $0.00

Armenian Spell-checker for FireFox and OpenOffice both Orthographies. With this component HySpell extends full spelling support for the Armenian language to all Mozilla suite and OpenOffice applications, including FireFox web browser, Thunderbird email client, SeaMonkey web browser and OpenOffice suite. This is the ideal Armenian language support environment for thousands of web applications over Internet (e.g. Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, blogs, comment sections, etc.)
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FireFox Integration

HySpell Armenian Spell-checker installs into FireFox browser as an extension library enabling the spell checking of your Armenian text entries over the web. This means that you can now spell check as you type Armenian text in any web application, including web mails, bloggers, comment sections, twitters, and others.

SeaMonkey Integration

HySpell also integrates with SeaMonkey, an alternative web browser, email client and web editor application.

Thunderbird Integration

If you prefer email clients to write your emails and are fond of Thunderbird, we have a good news, HySpell also integrates with Thunderbird.

Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Twitter, blogs/comments

Extending FireFox browser enables you to spell check your Armenian messages in Facebook, or your emails written in Gmail, Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail. The spell-checker works in any text area on any webpage, including blogs, twitters and comment sections.

OpenOffice Integration

HySpell also integrates with Apache OpenOffice applications, including Text Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation, as well as the rest of OpenOffice suite.